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MEC launches platform to help students choose technical courses

The Ministry of Education (MEC) launched, this Friday (3), the SouTec app, a platform to help students choose their professional future, focusing on technological and professional education. The tool was developed in partnership with educational networks.MEC launches platform to help students choose technical courses

The application was created to assist students and other citizens in choosing technical courses. SouTec can now be downloaded for free from app stores and will help students who are in the final years of elementary school and early high school in choosing their professional future.

The application has questions that assess preferences related to work activities and, after analyzing this data, presents a summary and a complete report explaining the student’s professional profile.

In the tool, it is also possible to customize searches using criteria such as the location where the course is offered, according to the distance from the location informed by the user. During access, which can be performed even without an internet connection, it is possible to “favorite” the options and favorite institutions.

With the application, when taking the test, the student will answer 72 questions that assess their preferences. It is not necessary to answer all the questions at once. The student can stop as many times as they want and continue where they left off. When finished, you will have access to a summary and a complete report on your professional profile.

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