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Mayors of the National Party do not support “this debt project”

The mayors of the National Party, in the Departmental Board of Montevideo expressed that they will not cast their vote for the IDB loan.

The same for a value of 70 million dollars, for a term of 25 years. It was indicated as a basis that during the last months I study the project in “depth”. The same was presented by the Mayor to the Departmental Board. On the same is added from the bench of Ediles of the National Party that “involves this and four future administrations of Montevideo and that therefore requires a special majority of 21 votes.”

However, in the proposal to “the departmental board, the IM proposed to allocate almost 70% of these funds to a cleanup project.” On the remaining 30% to “extend sanitation in the most needy neighborhoods.” Add the National Party document. It adds that the sanitation works proposed by the IM would benefit “only 2,000 neighbors when in the Master Plan for Sanitation and Storm Drainage of Montevideo it was foreseen that in this five-year period they would extend to 80,000” people.

Search for the “greatest benefits” is indicated from the National Party

“It is the first time that a loan of this nature would be diverted from its original purpose of completing sanitation works. The analysis of the project carried out by the National Party always had the objective of seeking the greatest benefits for the population of Montevideo”, it is delimited from the nationalists.

It emphasizes that with “particular emphasis on the most vulnerable. That is why the need to extend the sanitation works as planned was highlighted from the beginning. On the other hand, emphasis was also placed on using the funds for infrastructure works that last in the city, since this debt will be paid by all Montevideans for 25 years.

Regarding the closing of the document, it is stated that in this context, and “putting the residents of Montevideo in the first place, it is that we will not accompany this debt project with our vote.” “Our commitment is and will always be to be at the side of the most vulnerable people from Montevideo.” “With more urgent needs,” was indicated from the bench of mayors of the National Party.

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