Mayor Gustavo Toro (DC) and measures against drug trafficking: “What happens in Florida would not be effective in San Ramón”

The mayor of the commune of San Ramón, Gustavo Toro (DC), addressed this Monday the problem that affects our country in terms of security in recent weeks. The mayor emphasized the measures against drug trafficking that have been taken at a community and national level, such as the demolition of the so-called “narco-houses” in Florida that has been on the political agenda.

In recent weeks, the mayor of La Florida, Rudolf Carter (IND), has carried out the measure of demolition of houses linked to drug trafficking. This action has added supporters as detractors, as well as threats against the life of the communal authority. These threats have also been received by the mayor of San Ramón himself, the mayoress of La Pintana, Claudia Pizarro (DC); and the mayor of Puente Alto, German Codina (RN).

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In this regard, Bull in “To Bread Bread“he specified that the measure carried out in La Florida “in San Ramón would not be effective, it would be very stigmatizing.” in the most stigmatized press. Also, I think it will have no effect on our commune,” he added in The Radio Counter.

“Demolishing expansions of drug traffickers’ houses doesn’t produce a great effect. When we see that we have many pockets of micro-traffickers, when we see that in every three or four blocks we see drug traffickers’ businesses. Perhaps it is a signal for the country in the fight against narco, but I don’t see it as a measure,” continued the mayor.

Likewise, the community authority believes that the measure adopted by Carter “manages to calm the feeling of insecurity in some residents (of La Florida), but in San Ramón I believe that it would have no effect, but would end up stigmatizing as a drug-trafficking commune and that I would end up bothering the neighbours.”

Gustavo Toro maintains that in order to attack the drug traffickers and reduce the feeling of insecurity -the big problem for the public in his opinion- is to invest in more patrols, a measure that before I don’t know could be carried out in the commune, since they did not have security vehicles. security.

Although the mayor of San Ramón praised Rodolfo Carter, “since he managed to put the issue as one of the priorities at the national level,” he still maintains that “if one wants to solve the underlying problem of drug trafficking, one has to intervene in another way way”, with measures such as working on social reinsertion as school, “since there are many children and adolescents who are not going to school.


The mayor of San Ramón specified that one of the factors that prevent a real fight against drug trafficking is the amount of income they receive for security. “The State allocates 1,000 pesos per capita to San Ramón, and in Vitacura, I understand that there are 300,000 pesos. Unfortunately, there is little I can do and I have to be effective.”

In addition, he pointed out that they only have 90 police officers, since the Investigative Police does not have a barracks, due to the termination of the contract for the physical place they occupied in the commune.

“Carabineros are overwhelmed, we have 90 Carabineros with four shifts, that is, one goes to a police station, there are a little more than 20 Carabineros in the corresponding shift because there are several with medical leave. With 20 Carabineros, 10 have to stay in the police station, you cannot fight in the street with 10 Carabineros,” he said in this regard.

Summons to President Boric

Toro took advantage of the space to make a summons to the President gabriel boric to visit the community. “I have spoken with all the actors, I have spoken with the general director of the Carabineros, I have spoken with Minister Tohá, I still need to speak with President Boric, he took the opportunity to invite him. The challenge is on the street, we must recover the spaces”, added.

“I have called on the Government to come to the San Ramón commune, unfortunately the President has not visited us. I know that there are ‘regalona communes’ to which he has gone three or four times, to San Ramón none,” he said.

Finally, the mayor once again told the President to visit the commune, in addition to sending a message to the neighbors “that we are going to continue working on the streets, because it is the way to achieve that dream that we so long for to live better.”

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