MasterChef juries competed against celebrities and gave them a lesson

There was no restriction regarding the dish, they could prepare a dessert, entree or main course, and they would also have the pantry open during the 60 minutes of the challenge. In addition, the celebrities would face the three juries (Rausch, Zubiría and Carpentier, who made up another team).

The blue team presented their dish and in the eyes of the invited jury it was the worst, for which they obtained the lowest rating.

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The red team prepared a dessert, which in the eyes of the jury was balanced.

After trying all the preparations, one of the guest chefs assured that this group of celebrities presented dishes with a high culinary levelwhich excited everyone on set.

Two of the teams that tied obtained 8.2 points and the winner with 8.5, this being the team from the three chefs, who stayed with the victoryso that all the celebrities wore the black apron.

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