MAP urges new officials to keep personnel from substantive areas in their posts

MAP urges new officials to keep personnel from substantive areas in their posts

Santo Domingo.- The Minister of Public Administration, Darío Castillo Lugo, urged the officials who were appointed by decree 15-23, to keep the directors and staff of the so-called “substantive areas or missionary” to guarantee the functioning of the institutions.

“We call on the newly appointed holders to move only trusted personnel and keep those who work in substantive areas in their positions, to guarantee continuity and functioning efficient of the institutions, and that the services they provide to citizens are not affected”, the minister stated in the document released to the media.

He explained that the “substantive or mission areas” are those that have to do with the fulfillment of the mission goals of the specific institution.

As for the trust chargespointed out that they are delimited in article 21 of Law 41-08 of Public Function and in article 34 of Law 247-12, Organic of Public Administration.

According to Law 41-08, positions of trust are those of high-trust secretaries, assistants, drivers, advisers and assistants of the highest executive authorities of the public sector, except those whose designation method is provided for by law, while the 247 -12 adds to that list the position of “Cabinet Director”.

The legislative text that governs the public administration highlights that trusted personnel will be freely appointed and removed, merely fulfilling the general requirements for entry into the public function, at the proposal of the authority to which they provide their service.

In addition, he recalled that the missionary leadership positions are classified as “career”, and called on the incumbents to comply with the mandates of the Constitution and the laws, regarding the Administrative Career and public services.

Castillo Lugo spoke in use of his faculties as head of the Governing Body of Public Employment and Institutional Strengthening, based on the Dominican Constitution and laws 41-08, of Public Function and 247-12, Organic of Public Administration.

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