Tacna: Protestants gather thousands of soles to travel to Lima and problems are generated

Tacna: Protestants gather thousands of soles to travel to Lima and problems are generated

In the José Abelardo Quiñones square in the Alto district of the Alliance of Tacna, since the weekend, piggy banks have been installed to collect money that will be used to pay for the trip to Lima of protesters who want to join the national strike called against the government of Dina Boluarte.

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The participants affirmed this afternoon that to date amounts of 14,000 soles, 7,000 and 9,000 soles have been collected on different days, which have been counted in the presence of everyone and have been broadcast live and delivered to people for safekeeping at the closing of each day.

significant contributions

This afternoon discrepancies arose about how the money should be kept and the way in which it will be distributed among those who will travel to Lima tonight. It should be noted that on Monday the singer Isaura de los Andes donated 10,000 soles and the former candidate for governor Walter Anchapuri donated 2,000 soles.

Two of the women in charge of the money, one who has 7,000 soles and the other who has 9,000 soles, pointed out that they had not brought it but that it was safe in their homes. This generated the angry claim of dozens of people who pointed out that the money belongs to the people and that it is needed for today since the departure of a bus with approximately 60 young people to the capital is scheduled.

In the Quiñones square in Tacna, protesters gathered to collect money to travel to Lima. (Photo: Diffusion)

various proposals

Some demanded that a joint account be created. Others shouted that the money should be delivered directly to those who were going to travel when they got on the bus. Another group proposed that those who travel have a Yape account and that they make small daily transfers.

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Seeing the amount of money that had been raised, the reservists indignantly claimed that they have been protesting since day one and they have not even been invited to “lunch” or even given “cachina shoes.” Worse still, they deplored not having been considered among those who were in charge of taking care of the economic contributions.

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