Manes and Stolbizer called "summon new sectors"

Manes and Stolbizer called "summon new sectors"

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The national deputies of Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) Facundo Manes and Margarita Stolbizer called to “expand and summon new sectors of society”, at the close of the GEN party Congress that was developed through a mixed modality that combined virtuality with a face-to-face meeting at the headquarters of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UBA.

“We need to expand and summon new sectors of society so that, from the bottom up, in Argentina there is a new paradigm such as democratic reconstruction, the last successful collective process in our country,” said Manes during his speech, according to a statement released by GEN.

In that sense, The neurologist affirmed that the current challenge for the political leadership is to build “a competitive federal country, open to the world, with exemplary leaders, an educational, scientific, and technological revolution and then transfer it to the productive sector”.

According to party sources, the delegates’ debate focused “on the solutions the country needs for 2023”, and Stolbizer, in her capacity as president of the space, considered that “in European democracies, success is measured in terms of development. of nations, how strong and solid institutions create the conditions for a better quality of life. “

“It is a great lie to settle for democracy works because every two years we vote, it is wrong, the result should be that we live well. European strength is the agreement on a program that they were carrying out and puts political, economic and social stability as axes for people, “he remarked.

At the same time, Stolbizer stated that “future challenges are based on the ideas, principles and values ​​that have always given us identity, more strategies and collective actions that express the demands of society and find solutions to the most pressing problems”.

The meeting was opened by Sergio Abrevaya, general secretary of the GEN, who defined the political force as a “progressive space that has always sought to resolve social situations and make Argentina livable.”

Delegates from ten provinces participated in the day and the novelty was the incorporation of Chubut into the national party.

Meanwhile, legislators and provincial presidents of the GEN “spoke about the current local situation and the activities and projects in which they were working during the year together with the militancy of each of the territories.”

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