Maduro's 'number two' uses EL MUNDO to charge against the Spanish monarchy

Maduro’s ‘number two’ uses EL MUNDO to charge against the Spanish monarchy


Diosdado Cabello questions the salaries of the royal family in his television program

Maduro’s ‘number two’ uses a tweet from EL MUNDO to charge against the Spanish monarchy

God given hair He attacked the Spanish monarchy again during his television program ‘Con el Mazo Dando’, which Chavista television broadcasts every Wednesday for more than three hours of prime time. On this occasion, the number two of the Bolivarian revolution chose a tweet from @the world is to, with his usual sarcastic style, ironize about Western democracies.

“Spain, THE WORLD. Philip VI will win this year €259,000 nothing else, income. A very busy, hard-working guy. Queen Leticia gets 142,000 euros and Queen Sofía 116,525. Salaries will go up 2%… Reyes, then,” Cabello represented, with the label #ChavezEsPatriaLibre and leaning on his dreaded billboard, a board on which Paste clippings from media or social media headlines.

Chavismo has reopened an old strategy of attacks against Spain and against the King as part of the campaign that Maduro continues to impose what he has baptized as the (resistance, rebirth and new era revolution). This is a readjustment of government propagandawhich includes the cult of Maduro himself, to be confirmed by acclamation as the presidential candidate of 2024 and at the head of the country until 2030.

Maduro accused Felipe VI last week of endorsing “the genocide, the crimes, the rapes and the murders of millions of men and women”, referring to the “Spanish invasion and colonialism”. The “son of Chávez” assured that “they came to take away our wealth, to rape women, to kill with blood and fire throughout America.”

Cabello has continued to criticize Spain, although paradoxically Venezuela is today the fourth most corrupt country on the planet, according to Transparency International. A country where neither salaries nor perks of the revolutionary leaders, protagonists of one of the greatest embezzlements in the history of humanity, are known. According to the investigations of civil organizations and of the democratic Parliament itself, in addition to the denunciations of two vice-presidents of Hugo ChavezSince the beginning of Chavismo in 1999 until today, between 400,000 and 500,000 million dollars have been stolen from the State, taking advantage of the great oil boom of this century.

With the mallet giving is not only one of the most followed shows of political programming in Venezuela. It is also the main vehicle for public stigmatization of the revolution, according to the latest joint investigation by Amnesty International (AI), Foro Penal and the Center for Defenders and Justice (CDJ). The three organizations have demanded that the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) include them in the open investigation against chavismo for crimes against humanity.

The “systematic policy of repression” is based on television appearances like those of Cabello to subsequently commit arbitrary arrests for political reasons: out of four times, three are transformed into political persecution, according to the report. “With the mallet giving” commands the Chavista ranking: 43% of the stigmatizing events were carried out through the programaccording to Amnesty International.

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