'El Bronco' could be released from prison this Thursday, says his lawyer

‘El Bronco’ could be released from prison this Thursday, says his lawyer

“The crime attributed to my client, the former governor, does not merit informal preventive detention, for which he should be released after the hearing, that is our point of view,” the lawyer stated.

Víctor Olea added that the defense of the former governor of Nuevo León has already received the investigation folder initiated by the electoral authorities for this case.

The lawyer also stressed that it is not up to the State Prosecutor’s Office to investigate this case, since as it is an alleged crime that was committed in the context of the elections for the Presidency of the Republic of 2018, it is the responsibility of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic ( FGR).

“In the case of a federal election, that is, the election for the Presidency of the Republic, the General Law clearly establishes that this is a matter of federal and not local jurisdiction, that is, it is a case that in no way should have been investigated by the Nuevo León Electoral Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, but in his case it should have been done by the corresponding agency of the Attorney General’s Office,” he explained.



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