Macron denies cold relationship with Zelensky

Macron denies cold relationship with Zelensky

The President of France, Emmanuel Macrondenied this Thursday that the relationship with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas cooled down and ruled out, for the time being, visiting Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin.

“It is a lie that the relationship with Zelenski has cooled, in fact, I was the first leader to receive him in 2019, between the two rounds of his presidential election,” he said. Macronin an interview with the TF1 television channel from kyiv, where, for the first time, he visits the Ukrainian leader together with the leaders of Germany, Italy and Romania.

Zelensky has insinuated in recent weeks some discomfort with the attitude of Macronwho has positioned himself as a mediator in the conflict between Ukraine Y Russia.

“For you to visit Moscow Certain preconditions will have to be met, some gesture by Putin, I will not suddenly appear like this, ”he said, without going into more detail.

However, the French leader assured that he will remain open to dialogue on certain issues, such as the supply of cereals. “Whenever I have discussed with Putin, I have done so with all transparency, and even on occasions at the request of Zelensky,” he clarified. Macron.

Asked if he wanted a Russian military defeat, the president evaded the question and limited himself to saying that he would like Ukraine to be able to “defend its territory and rediscover freedom” for which France – he affirmed – is contributing.

He also declined to comment on whether or not Ukraine should make territorial concessions in the east of the country in favor of Russia to end the war.

“The choice of concessions or the absence of them rests with Ukraine itself,” he argued. Macronmaking it clear that his country is not going to interfere in this matter.

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