Luis Henríquez asegura senador Antonio Taveras “vive desconectado de la realidad”

Luis Henríquez assures senator Antonio Taveras “lives disconnected from reality”

The Deputy for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Luis Henríquezassured today that the senator of the Province Santo Domingo, Antonio Taveras Guzmán “lives disconnected from reality” of that demarcation.

“The senator of the province lives totally disconnected from the reality of the province. He is not a political and social leader with a career in politics, ”said the legislator.

Antonio Taveras has dedicated himself to handling rather a populist discourseriding on the wave of corruption allegations. He sees the purple corruption but he doesn’t see the corruption red; green; white; the blue corruption, he has an eagerness to see PLD prisoners and with that the Santo Domingo province it is not developing,” he said.

interviewed in space “TODAY TV”, Luis Henriquez stated that the Senator Antonio Taveras Guzman has not been identified with the problems of that province.

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“That senator has not identified with what saint Louis wants to be a municipality, with what War has many problems; has not been identified with small mouth who wants greater tourism development”, he said.

Deputy Luis Henríquez on the management of Senator Antonio Taveras Guzmán.

cited others security problems, canyons, public roadsamong others, which also affect the municipalities Santo Domingo East, Santo Domingo North and Santo Domingo West.

He reiterated that the Senator Antonio Taveras Guzman has no commitment to the Santo Domingo province not be a person in the “image and likeness” of the demarcation.

“We have a senator who does not have that commitment because he is not a senator created in the image and likeness of the Province Santo Domingo. That is why the ignorance of society with him but also the knowledge of him with the problems”, added the Deputy of Santo Domingo Este.

“We do not have a current representation that goes hand in hand with the development of the province. Currently the province of Santo Domingo is practically a ship adrift. Without good municipal efforts and without a senator pending on their fundamental problems”, he concluded Luis Henriquez.

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