Luis Alberto Posada burst into tears for Darío Gómez in full concert

Luis Alberto Posada burst into tears for Darío Gómez in full concert

This Saturday, July 30, was the last goodbye for ‘The king of spite’ and the displays of affection continue for who was one of the most important Colombian artists in the genre of popular music.

It has just been Luis Alberto Posadacolleague and friend, who has shown himself to be one of the most affected by the sudden departure of Dario Gomez, who through social networks has remembered and expressed the great affection he had, as well as great admiration.

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However, in a recent presentation during the concert ‘Serve it then Bogotá’of which Darío Gómez was also going to be a part.

The event was held this Saturday night at the Autopista Norte Events Center and was marked by nostalgia for the departure of the interpreter of ‘No one is eternal’. Posada even had to take a few breaks during the concert to recover, because crying when remembering his friend did not allow him to continue.

In turn, several videos published on social networks gave an account of moments in which Luis Alberto Posada appeared on his knees to be able to take a breath and interpret his hits again.

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