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Regime Invests 22 Million Cuban Pesos to Remodel Hotels in Cienfuegos

MADRID, Spain. – The Cuban regime has invested approximately 22 million Cuban pesos in the first phase of remodeling some ten tourist facilities in Cienfuegos province.

This phase included the Rancho Luna-Faro Luna hotel complex, and the construction of an ocean corridor about 100 meters long that connects both facilities, according to pearlvision channel.

During Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz’s visit last Tuesday to Cienfuegos, which hosted the 26th of July celebrations, the official indicated that for several years now, legacy spaces and facilities have been recovered in order to convert them to “Hotels Encantos” (Enchantment Hotels) and to improve hotel options.

Marrero Cruz added, also, that “in the beach area, those hotels that have deteriorated with the passage of time have been remodeled, thus raising their standards and transforming them completely.”

Also, I have added that, for next year, guest rooms in the Rancho Luna that have yet to be remodeled, will be completed in full.

Authorities stated that work is also being done at the Casa Verde Hostel, to increase its offer.

In the meantime, Cubans continue to suffer a housing crisis, with houses that are much older than the targeted hotels in danger of collapse, and whose remodeling receives no such financial assignment from the government.

A report published in Tribune of Havana last April, indicated that “the practical paralysis of the Cuban economy in 2021” due to the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the delays in housing plans.

According to official statistics, 18,645 housing units were completed in 2021 in Cuba, only 58% of the original number planned for the year. That number includes state plans, subsidies, and “citizen action that allowed 7,481 to be completed out of the 16,579 that had been projected.”

Authorities indicate that the main limitations the plan faced were deficits in cement, steel, aggregates, imported raw materials for metal carpentry and bathroom fixtures, among others.

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