President of the DC: “It would have been good if the entire center-left was aligned with the Approval”

The President of the Christian Democracy, Felipe Delpin, lamented the leading participation of party members, such as Ximena Rincón, Matías and Ignacio Walker and Fuad Chahin, as well as Soledad Alvear, José Pablo Arellano and Carolina Goic, in the launch of the platform “Centre-left for rejection”.

The initiative seeks to “claim the right to choose this option for those who are for a new Constitution, but not for the one proposed by the Constitutional Convention.” The groups “Yellows for Chile”, “Una que nos Una”, “Neither this one nor the Previous one”, “Rejection for a Better” and “Movimiento Proyecta” participated in the launch, as well as figures from the DC and the Radical Party.

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“All Christian Democrats would have liked us to respect the agreements that were adopted at the Board, that was what was requested,” said the DC helmsman, in conversation with Radio University of Chile.

“The Christian Democracy agreed to approve the new text of the Constitution in the exit plebiscite. That proposal that exists that we discussed, analyzed and the National Board agreed to approve it, unfortunately some have not respected that agreement, they have put themselves on the margin of the agreements of the National Board”, he added.

In any case, consulted about possible sanctions from the national board, the also mayor of La Granja ruled out carrying out any action of this type. “We are not worried about giving records for the actions of some militants, members of the party who have not respected the agreement. We are not dedicated to that,” he said. In this sense, Delpin reiterated that at least “the militant base has respected the agreement of the National Board, for us that is what is relevant.”

“It would have been good if the entire center-left was aligned with the approval, that is what would correspond, but it is like that, I see the photos and the truth is that those who are there have held positions of ministers, they have been authorities of different governments, but The important thing, I rescue it and say it, is that the grassroots center-left, the one that is in the territory, the one that lives day by day with our people, with our neighbors, with our settlers, with the workers, with the The peasants are directly working for approval and that is what needs to be revealed. The true people of the center-left are with the approval,” said the president of the DC, Felipe Delpin.

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