Los Lagos Region: Sernapesca will denounce the salmon company for the escape of 60,000 fish

The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) will denounce the company Caleta Bay for the escape of 60,000 fish in Lake Llanquihue, Los Lagos Region. The event occurred at the end of February 2023.

According to the company, subjects cut three fishnets, for which they filed a complaint.

Sernapesca indicated that Caleta Bay has 30 days to carry out recapture work. Once the term expires, the Service will denounce the company. This was confirmed by the regional director (s) Branny Montecinos, slogan Bio Bio Radio.

Montecinos pointed out that the General Law on Fisheries and Aquaculture establishes that the owner of the culture is responsible for maintaining them and in the event of an escape, they must be recovered.

“If it does not recapture, the Service must make all the information available to the court so that the producer can be penalized,” commented the regional director(s) of Sernapesca.

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