Lisandro Macarrulla dice próximas semanas no habrá aumento del pasaje

Lisandro Macarrulla says in the coming weeks there will be no increase in the ticket

The minister of Presidency, Lisandro Macarrulla, advanced today that a increase of passage despite the increase in fuels.

“We are looking for the best solution for the Dominican people. So far there has been no increase in the price of the ticket and the solution apparently is going to be that there is definitely no increase in transportation. At least in the coming weeks,” Macarrulla said.

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“We are aware that each driver who owns his car is an entrepreneur, we cannot ask him to subsidize the politics Social of government“, He said.


Lisandro Macarrulla, noted that currently the government is arguing with carriers different options to deal with the increase in oil price.

“We are working with the sector organized of transport for several weeks. To find a mechanism in which the impact of the increase in oil price do not affect the gasoline price from Dominican Republic”, he referred.

“We have come in a very mature dialogue, all of us very aware of the responsibility we have towards society. That through a mechanism the Dominican State subsidizes the increase in the price of fuel so that carriers do not have to increase the price. Nor do they assume responsibility for the transportation subsidy,” said the minister of the presidency.

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About projects of government in terms of transportation, Lisandro Macarrullaassured that in the next few days they would inaugurate a modern corridor in the Winston Churchill Avenue.

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“A year ago we inaugurated the corridor of the Nunez de Caceres as a pilot plan. now in the days to come Let’s go to inaugurate the transportation corridor Winston Churchill”, pointed out the minister.

“We’re going to have buses last generation transporting the passengers and around 360 vehicles are going to be taken out of service”, he guaranteed. Macarrulla.

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