Leonel deplora decisiones desacertadas de PN frente a delincuencia

Leonel deplores misguided decisions of the PN against crime

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Fuerza del Pueblo party, Leonel Fernandezdeplored that the National Police authorities are making unwise decisions in the fight against crime that affects the country.

“In the time when we have already been achieving a democratic society, where freedoms and the right to peaceful protest are guaranteed, the role of the police went from being an agent of maintaining public order, to being an institution that guarantees security. citizen. That has been the great transition of the police, the role of the police today is not to repress, but to guarantee the safety of citizens,” Fernández said during an act of swearing in hundreds of Dominican sports actors.

Speaking about the pillars of the plan to combat crime established by the Ministry of the Interior and Police, the former president specified that “the issue here is prevention, prevention is scientifically combated, very well, with technology, I think it is going well in that direction, but how to create, establish the geography of crime. Crime is not committed the same everywhere, it occurs where there is a greater population presence, where a greater number of people live.

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In that order, Fernández stated that integrating continuous police training, improving material conditions, as well as recognition of police work, are actions that would improve the performance of agents in their role of protecting citizens.

He expressed that little is achieved with visits to churches and recruitment of adolescents so that they are trained by police officers in ethical and moral values, because that is the role of sports trainers, like those who today joined the People’s Force.

swearing in

Hundreds of Dominican sports actors, including educators, technicians, monitors and physical education students, were sworn in this Sunday at the People’s Force, during a ceremony held at the Radisson hotel in Santo Domingo.

Leonel Fernández during the swearing-in.

During his words of welcome and motivation to the new members, Fernández highlighted the importance and influence of educators and physical education monitors in the formation of values ​​for youth, since, according to him, a high percentage of people in the age adolescent and youth has an inclination for some sports branch.

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