MEF evaluates additional credit to prioritize projects with a higher degree of progress

MEF works to grant a food bonus to low-income Peruvians

The (FEM), announced this Sunday that the Government is working to grant a to people who have been affected by the rise in the price of the products of the basic basket.

We are doubling the funds for the common pots and popular kitchens, we are working on this with the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) and additionally we are working on a food voucher that is aimed at covering the basic consumption basket for the sectors of minors income”, indicated the minister in the Sunday Fourth Power.

In addition, Graham pointed out that the Midis is in the process of updating the register so that the new bonus is more focused and they receive what they really need.

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When bonuses are delivered massively, like Yanapay, which benefited more than 10 million people, there is always the risk of leaking people who should not have received the bonus or those who did not. That starts with an improvement in the registers because they are out of date and due to the pandemic it was difficult to update them. Now the Midis is in the process of updating them so that it is a more focused intervention in those segments that need it.”, he referred.

In no more than two weeks the first measurement will be taken and we will be fine-tuning to reach those who need it most.”, he added.

Impact of ISC and IGV measures

Regarding the exemptions from the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC) on diesel and gasohols and the General Sales Tax (IGV) for five foods from the basic basket, Graham He stated that it did have an impact on prices so that they do not rise more than they already are.

The set of measures we have taken have had an impact, knowing that today inflation is 8.1%, otherwise we would have had inflation above two digits, more than 10%.”, he narrowed down.

In this sense, the owner of the FEM He recalled that in relation to the price of fuels they have exempted the ISC of diesel and gasoholes of 84 and 90.

If we had not taken that measure of exemption from the ISC plus the inclusion of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund, today we would have a diesel that should be costing S/ 4.50 more than it already is.”, he mentioned.


From Monday, June 13, all AFP contributors will be able to withdraw up to S/. 18,400 of his pension fund, after the respective rule will be enacted.

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