Lacalle Pou announced measures and suggestions to compensate for the loss of purchasing power of salary

Lacalle Pou expressed that the outbreak of Covid “worries”

The President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, spoke about the outbreak of coronavirus, which has the Ministry of Public Health in a state of caution (MSP) and the rest of the Government.

The president participated in a meeting for the Regional Commission of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for the Americas. There he was approached by the different media and was consulted about this fact. Before those present, he blurted out that “It is not planned (to convene the scientists), I have contact with Rafael Radi for other issues related to science, but not as a group itself.”

Regarding the outbreak of coronavirus, he stated that it has been analyzed and closely followed. “In fact, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) in the person of the minister made some non-pharmacological recommendations, they must be followed, vaccination is being enabled in some sectors of some age groups that were not, it is the way to go you have to watch it closely. We see a growth that we must be attentive to,” said the president.

Before the coronavirus

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) issued last Monday a new weekly report on the situation of the coronavirus covid-19.

It did so with data collected from May 8 to 14. This reflected an increase in the number of new infections, which practically doubled those of the immediately previous week. In total, in the indicated period, 5,549 new infections were accumulated nationwide, while in the week of May 7 to 13 it was 2,830, which marks an increase in the case of 100%.

The number of new infections also had a direct impact on the number of active cases, that is, people who have the disease. As of May 14, there were 4,938 people suffering from the disease, while until May 7 the number was 2,893 patients.

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