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Labor gap against people with disabilities affects their health and social security

According to a recent report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), 8 out of 10 people with disabilities are unemployed.

The Gissell Eusebio Life Transformer Foundation will hold a charity corporate breakfast with the theme “Human Rights Perspective for People with Disabilities”, this Wednesday, November 10, at the Real Intercontinental Hotel, on Winston Churchill Avenue, in this city.

The guest speaker will be the Senator for the National District, Faride Raful, who, from his position, is promoting actions in favor of people with disabilities in the country, through his comprehensive disability reform project.

In this meeting organized by this foundation that encourages, educates and promotes human development and the autonomy of people with disabilities, it will be discussed about “Reasonable Adjustments”, that is, those modifications and adaptations necessary to guarantee people with disabilities, the right to work on equal terms with other workers.

“In the Dominican Republic, the labor gap against people with disabilities translates into disadvantages related to the enjoyment of other rights, such as health and social security, which depend in part on labor participation,” says the president of this foundation. , Gisela Eusebio.

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), reasonable accommodations in workplaces may involve physical modifications to the premises, the purchase or modification of equipment, the provision of a reader or interpreter, and the carrying out of appropriate activities of training or supervision, adapting the testing or evaluation processes, modifying the usual hours and / or assigning some functions of a position to another person.

For Gisela Eusebio, although these adjustments are regulated as a right in favor of the disabled worker and an obligation on the part of the employers to whom they are required, the sole exception for their implementation has been provided for the fact that it supposes an undue financial burden on the employer.

More about breakfast

At the meeting, the panel “Reasonable Adjustments for the Employability of People with Disabilities” will be held, in which representatives of inclusive companies will present what modifications they have made in their organizations to promote the performance of hired people with disabilities.

In this panel, some executives from the Popular Savings and Loans Association, Banreservas, the Cibao Savings and Loans Association, Scooter RD, Dominican Access and Adocoaching will showcase success stories in the labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

The foundation’s charity corporate breakfast is sponsored by AFP POPULAR, ARS Senasa, Banreservas, the Cibao Savings and Loans Association, the Superintendency of Banks, Banco BHD León, Grupo Ramos, Scooter RD, Dominican Access, among other companies. .

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