La Barra: authorities study placing a military bridge to replace the original in summer

The Municipality of Maldonado studies placing a temporary bridge during the summer season next to the Leonel Viera, in La Barra. Among the alternatives he evaluates is that of a military bridge that the Army has pontoon bridge (boats) or of lattice (iron structure)according to the engineer and adviser to the Municipality of Maldonado, Lucio Cáceres.

“Right now we are not only looking at the issue of improving the bridge, but we are in those alternative plans. We are seeing military bridges that the Army has, bought at a time when I was in the ministry,” Cáceres told Telemundo (channel 12). Cáceres is Minister of Transportation during the second government of Julio María Sanguinetti, and in that of Jorge Batlle.

“What we’re trying to do is see, on the one hand, if we can hold him to the bridge. That is, counteract the effect of his bridge. On the other hand, if we can find any of those wires that they could have been released, that they are not broken, to stretch them again and restore their strength,” he said.

“If all that happened then we could recover the bridge and surely for light traffic because in the case of the failure of this bridge surely it was affected by the passage of heavy traffic, which carried construction materials to the eastern area of ​​La Barra” , he added.

Cáceres reported that there was even a pontoon bridge there. On the other hand, the administration evaluates what the environmental impact would be if the bridge fell.

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