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Killed two participants in the murder of four workers

Killed two participants in the murder of four workers

Two subjects were killed during a confrontation with agents of the National Anti-Drug Command (Conas), according to military sources.

The victims are members of the JL criminal organization and are accused of participating in the murder of Ramiro Gonzáles, Nelson González, Emiro Fernández and Juan Montiel, workers at the San Tomé farm, Kilometer 48, La Cañada de Urdaneta (Zulia), an event that occurred last March 20.

Once the quadruple homicide occurred, the Conas deployed to the Zalibar sector of the aforementioned Zulia municipality where they confronted members of the JL gang, leaving one of them killed identified as Heberto José Portillo Ocando (El Guacharaco). This subject had a 9 mm pistol, Caracal brand, serial CF043, which was collected at the site, according to reports.

A similar procedure took place in the Campo Boscán sector, Jesús Enrique municipality (La Concepción), Zulia, where Yorby Sánchez Bravo (El Yorbi) was killed. Subject fired a 9mm Brownig pistol.

Three other members of the JL gang were arrested for allegedly being linked to the quadruple homicide at the San Tomé farm: Madelson Enrique Zurita Ibarra, Jesús David Caicedo Carvajal and Alejandra Patricia Carvajal. Two shotguns were seized from these last two.

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