Puertorriqueña ultimada conoció a su verdugo por Instagram

Killed Puerto Rican met her executioner on Instagram

It was through the social network Instagram, that the Puerto Rican Angelilis Marrero Garcia27 years old, met the father of her babies and who, after an argument, took the life of 80 stab wounds in the Villa Carmen sector of the Santo Domingo Este municipality.

So he made it known Mildred Garciamother of the victim, who indicated that the Dominican Luis Eduardo Terrero Gomez He would have confessed to the crime by video call before turning himself in to the Police.

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“On the 31st I receive a call at 10:31 from a phone number that says God is merciful, when I answer this voice comes out and tells me turn on the camera, when I turn on I see my naked daughter, inside a bathtub, bathed in blood, protecting her tummy and this human being tells me; I killed her for a bitch,” the woman told the chain Telemundo Puerto Rico.

The mother asked the government of Puerto Rico to intervene to be able to transfer her daughter’s body to the island, and thus give her a Christian burial.

According to what was reported, The event occurred last Saturday, December 31, and the young woman traveled to the country to announce the pregnancy to her partner.a, not knowing that he would kill her.

Judge Bernardo Coplin ruled three months of pretrial detention as a measure of coercion against Terrero Gómez, while the case is being investigated.

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