Judge suspended for helping violent and assaulting victims

Judge suspended for helping violent and assaulting victims

Veronica Zapana S. / La Paz

Judge Gladys Bacarreza, of the Anti-Corruption and Violence Against Women First Judgment of the department of La Paz, was suspended from office for four months. She is accused of favoring feminicides and violent, in addition to torturing victims and their families.

“The Council of the Magistrature sent this judge to disciplinary proceedings for serious offenses committed in the exercise of her functions, but in 2021 a resolution was issued to suspend the exercise of her functions, (it) was appealed with an amparo action constitutional”, lawyer Jhenny Prado told Página Siete.

The jurist explained that yesterday -at noon- the amparo hearing was carried out, but the resolution did not change. “She was suspended for four months and was already notified orally.”

Prado indicated that the suspension is progress and assured that he is now seeking notification of a dismissal resolution. “It is what corresponds”, he said and indicated that it is unknown why it was not notified before.

According to the jurist, there are 92 complaints against the judge according to the registry of the Judicial Council.

He said that three relatives of victims of rape and violence denounced the judge because he deprived them of their liberty in a “torture room.” “He is in his own office. She has an environment where she stores her books and files. In this place, she has locked up the victims of violence and family members who have sought justice, ”she said and assured that in that room, the judge asked the victims for $3,000 in exchange for help in her proceedings. “But the judge would not have to help them, but to do her job?” She remarked.

Prado denounced that in the cases of families that did not give money, the judge favored the accused despite the fact that they committed sexual or physical violence.

One of the victims is Linda A., who reported that she was the victim of different types of violence from her ex-husband Luis ACM “He ripped my ear off. There are many things, that’s why I decided to report it in February 2015, “she said.

But, when her case reached the Bacarreza court, the judge summoned her. “She asked me for 3,000 dollars when my process began,” she said and recounted that she entered the “torture room” at the request of the authority. She recalled that there are no cameras in the place.

“I told him I wouldn’t hit him and I screamed, that’s why I left five minutes from there,” he stressed and assured that since then, he has been a pilgrim for seven years in search of justice.

Linda said that the judge delayed the case so that it would be extinguished over time. But, according to the victim, the process returned to caution and Judge Alan Zárate declared the aggressor in absentia.

He related that on Friday, when the judge called a hearing, and in that meeting he sanctioned his lawyer with a fine of 4,000 bolivianos and suspended his participation. “Isn’t that abuse?” she pointed out.

When Linda told Bacarreza that she couldn’t conduct the hearing without her lawyer, “she replied that it didn’t matter and that’s what the Public Ministry was for. “With that, all my constitutional rights have been violated,” she assured, adding that the judge only cared about “absolving the aggressor.”

He added that because of this, his aggressor continues to exercise violence against him. For this reason, the prosecutor requested a hearing to assess the protection measures, but Bacarreza ignored him. “He told me that he wanted to absolve my attacker,” he said.

It is not the only case. There are other victims of violence and family members of rape victims. One of those cases is that of the father of a girl who denounced that the judge acquitted the aggressor.

“She threatened me, she told me that I will see who I am messing with because she is the sister of magistrate Zenón Bacarreza,” Prado said.

Another victim said that the judge asked him to “desist the complaint.” According to the lawyer, the aggressor stepped on the feet of the adult over 70 years of age with his vehicle. “I wanted to force a memorial to withdraw the complaint,” she said.

The case was reported to the Legislative Assembly, “but nothing was done.”

The Human Rights Commission of the Lower House, directed by the deputy Gladys Quispe, said that it received several complaints against Bacarreza for delaying justice in cases of violence, for which it made the Request for Reports to the Council of the Judiciary.

She has an environment where she stores her books and files. In this place she has locked up the victims of violence (…)

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