José Díaz Silva, Ramón Saúl Sánchez, Cuba

José Díaz Silva: “Being thrown out of your country like that is the greatest cowardice that a tyranny can do”

MADRID, Spain.- Cuban opponent José Díaz Silva, who arrived in the United States this Sunday, forced into exile by the island’s regime, offered statements on Tuesday to CubaNet. The Castro authorities threatened Díaz Silva with taking his life if he did not leave the country.

The leader of the Movimiento Opositores por una Nueva República (MONR) denounced the violations of criminal proceedings to which he was subjected during the last ten months of imprisonment.

“In Cuba there is no way to defend yourself against all this, because there is only one power that Miguel Díaz-Canel has. In my case, I was kidnapped, because I did not commit any crime,” said Díaz Silva.

Regarding exile, he said that he was never interested in leaving because he had a commitment to Cuba. Just as he expressed feeling good because he is with family and friends, “but we left a suffering people in Cuba,” said the opponent, who traveled with his wife, the lady in white and also persecuted by the regime, Lourdes dodge.

“Telling me that they were going to take me out and that I couldn’t return was a very hard blow for me. To be kicked out of your country like that and told you can’t come back anymore, for no reason, is painful. It is the greatest cowardice that a tyranny can do, ”she added.

In a message sent to Cubans, he stressed that wherever his joy is, it will come “when Cuba is free.”

CubaNet He also had the opportunity to talk with the exiled leader Ramón Saúl Sánchez, who received José Díaz Silva and Lourdes Esquivel at the airport this weekend.

Saúl Sánchez, who has lived in the United States for years, has witnessed many cases like this. In this regard, he considered that political prisoners are negotiating cards for the Cuban government.

Condemning the regime’s actions, he stated: “A human being has the right to return to his land no matter how he thinks. In Cuba there is a dictatorship that deprives us of that right. The regime causes family division forever.”

Just as he said he was happy for the people who have recently been released, but “it’s not the only thing we want, we want there to be no more political prisoners, and even less simply for demanding the right to express themselves.”

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