Job fair Supérate facilitates job placement for more than 2,500 people

improve yourselfthe main social assistance program of the Presidency, successfully held the “Employment Fair Supérate 2022” in the event hall of the Sambil shopping plaza.

Supérate, together with the Ministry of Labor and the World Bank, seeks to continue promoting the Dominican economy and the development of families through job placement, actions that respond to the search for sustainable solutions through alliances with the private sector, in favor of the neediest population.

“Our central axis of Supérate is to facilitate the incorporation of the beneficiaries into the labor market so that they have a decent and quality job, which guarantees their exit from the poverty”, the general director of Supérate, Gloria Reyes, has previously declared.

Job fair Supérate facilitates job placement for more than 2,500 people
Young people submitting resume

The financial and administrative deputy director of the institution, Henry Veras, He stated during the opening ceremony that: “this is a demonstration that in public policies, when real changes are generated in a society, they are made through public and private alliances, and in Supérate the vocation to serve is implemented daily; today you will show your abilities and demonstrate the same to compete for a job, ”he told the applicants.

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On her side, the director of the National Employment Service of the Ministry of Labor, Vivian Jacobo, said that they are working so that every Dominican has access to decent work, so that they can put food on the table of their families.

Get over yourself, under the general direction of Gloria Reyes, It made this call especially for participants of the social program residing in the areas of Santo Domingo Norte, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Oeste and the National District, with the requirement that they have taken technical and vocational training actions taught by INFOTEP.

In addition to creating a space to achieve job placement opportunities in various areas of the private sector, the Supérate 2022 Job Fair aimed to create labor links between the companies offering work and the families participating in the Supérate program with skills and competencies for Laboral life.

Job fair Supérate facilitates job placement for more than 2,500 people
Reviewing the documents.

15 national companies participated in the event, receiving applications for vacancies in the administrative and operational areas.

Workshops during the fair

During the activity, professionals in the area gave thematic workshops: Three Tips on how to prepare to look for a job”, “How to make an attractive Curiculum Vitae,Y “Five questions you should not ask during the job interview.

Also, the Banco de Reservas gave a workshop on Financial Education and Inclusion, and the direction of Juventud Supérate will speak on the project “Bebe, think about it well”. They will be offered from 10:00 am.

At the closing, an expert speaker in employability spoke about “Jobs of the Future” and “Skills for the employment of the future”.

Job fair Supérate facilitates job placement for more than 2,500 people
Young people looking for new opportunities.
About the Supérate Employability Department

This department is part of Supérate’s Directorate for Economic Improvement, and seeks to increase the economic empowerment of Supérate participants through the development of skills and competencies aligned with market demand and its connection.

In addition, it seeks to incorporate people into the labor market by planning strategic activities and identifying opportunities in the market.

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