JNJ will swear in the sixth supreme judge who will join the Supreme Court on October 4

JNJ will swear in the sixth supreme judge who will join the Supreme Court on October 4

The (JNJ) announced that on October 4, Roberto Rolando Burneo Bermejo, sixth magistrate elected through call No. 003-2021-SN-JNJ, will take the oath and deliver the credentials of supreme judge.

Burneo Bermejo achieved 92.82 points with an additional score for disability, managing to rise to sixth place in the list of merits of the public competition for supreme judges, thus completing the vacancies on the Supreme Court.

He joins Ulises Augusto Yaya Zumaeta, Carlos Alberto Calderón Puertas, Manuel Estuardo Lujan Tupez, Emilia Bustamante Oyague and Víctor Antonio Castillo León as a member of the aforementioned instance of the Judicial Power.

The score difference between the first position occupied by Ulises Augusto Yaya Zumaeta and the sixth magistrate elected, Roberto Rolando Burneo Bermejo, was 100.0 and 92.82 points respectively, after approving the four stages of the contest.

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The formal act will be held at the end of the high-level training program in charge of the carried out by Burneo as established in the contest rules.

After the proclamation and issuance of the corresponding titles, the new magistrate will be able to join the Supreme Court of Justice, together with his five peers who were elected in the same call.

The ceremony has been scheduled for 8 in the morning in the Plenary Hall of the National Board of Justice, at Paseo de la República 3285, in the district of San Isidro, and will be broadcast on institutional social networks.


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