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Japan says goodbye to trade benefits with Russia

Japan says goodbye to trade benefits with Russia

Japan has already imposed sanctions on exports of chips and high-tech equipment from Russia, as well as dozens of Russian and Belarusian representatives, businessmen and banks, freezing their assets.

More sanctions

Tokyo will also tighten sanctions by widening the scope of the asset freeze against the Russian elite and banning imports of certain products from the country, Kishida noted.

He reported that the Asian country will also coordinate with other G7 nations to prevent Russia from resorting to loans from the International Monetary Fund and other world banks, Kishida said,

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a historic atrocity,” Kishida told a news conference. “We are taking the necessary steps, including sanctions, to put more pressure on Russia.”

The moves are in line with the announcement on Friday by the United States and its allies to step up economic pressure on Russia, marking a fourth set of sanctions against the country for the February 24 invasion.

Russia describes its action in Ukraine as a “special operation” to disarm and “denazify” its neighbor, said the Japanese prime minister.

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