Japan donates 17 million dollars to generate energy on the Isle of Youth

MIAMI, United States.- The Electric Union of Cuba (UNE) and several Japanese companies signed in Havana this Thursday a contract worth 17.5 million dollars to reinforce the energy matrix of Isla de la Juventud.

According to the official news agency Prensa Latina, the companies involved on the Japanese side are Energoimport, Nishizawa Limited and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation.

The note explains that the signing of the agreement allows the acquisition of a fast discharge battery system that works as frequency regulators in photovoltaic or wind farms, a technology that will supposedly promote the use of renewable energies and limit the emission of polluting gases to the atmosphere.

Toshiba Energy Systems director Shigehiro Kawahara said its battery system and SGE have proven to be useful and effective in places with unstable supply, inside and outside of Japan.

For its part, according to the official report, accessing the Japanese consortium’s offer will be possible “thanks to the non-reimbursable financial assistance from the Asian country’s International Cooperation Agency, estimated at 2,392 million yen (about 17.5 million dollars). ”.

The investment director of the UNE, Amaury Mena, thanked the signatory companies of the agreement during the ceremony, and assured that all the conditions to receive Japanese technology have been created on the Isle of Youth.

The Castro official also said that this week’s signing opens the final stage for the execution and materialization of the Project to Improve Electric Power Supply on the Isle of Youth.

The idea for the project, a new donation to the Havana regime, emerged in 2017 as part of a Technical Cooperation agreement between the governments of Cuba and Japan, Cuban media said.

This new donation joins one of five million dollars in medical equipment Tokyo delivered last March to the Cuban authorities; and another of more than $80,000 in January. On that occasion, the Asian country donated the money in syringes, gloves, masks, needles, gowns and rechargeable lamps.

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