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Iván Chanis: “I am Profamilia, they are anti-rights”

Angel Valdes | December 29, 2022

The president of the Fundación Iguales Panama and internationalist lawyer, Iván Chanis, in an interview with Radio Panama, referred to the request for a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice on equal marriage, hoping that a decision will be made soon in this regard.

“The constitution does not prohibit marriage between same-sex couples, the constitution says that marriage rests on the equality of the spouses, it does not even talk about men and women, beyond the constitution has as a fundamental principle that all people are equal before the law and the Panamanian state is obliged to protect all people within its territory”, declared Chanis.

When asked about which Profamilia groups say that they are trying to impose an ideology with equal marriage in Panamanian society, Chanis commented “first that they are not Profamilia, because I am Profamilia, I want all families in Panama to have the same rights and be protected, I am Profamilia, they are anti-rights, they want to go back in time and take away the rights of people like me and others to be happy to live in society and in peace.”

Last Friday, December 23, the United States ambassador to Panama, Mari Carmen Aponte, met with activists from the LGBTIQ+ community and in her personal Twitter account the diplomat expressed “Delighted to talk with this admirable group of activists. The fight against discrimination and the protection of LGBTIQ+ rights are important causes for me. All people have the right to live with dignity and respect. Regarding this meeting, Chanis mentioned that “the categorical message sent by the United States and many other countries such as Germany, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, France, Canada, among others, is important. They are countries that include in their foreign policy the importance of recognizing the rights of LGBTIQ+ people”, he concluded.

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