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Internal ANR: Judgment of records ends without major incidents

The vice-presidential candidate for the ANR, Pedro Alliana, stressed that the red unity is on track with a view to the general elections of April 2023.

In an interview with 650 AM radio, the Chartist legislator Peter Alliana He considered that the process of real and sincere unity among the movements of the Colorado Party is well underway, in order to achieve the great victory in April.

“I can assure you that Santiago Peña wrote to President Mario Abdo 24 for Christmas and this he responded in a good way“, revealed. At another time he added: “Santi Peña spoke with Arnold Wiens but he was traveling, on his return they will be talking to him. Let’s hope that unity is given and we can work for the party”.

In addition, there were meetings and talks with other leaders of the Fuerza Republicana movement, such as its leader Hugo Velazquezaccording to Alliana.

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The politician stressed that fortunately there is not a single problem of fraud complaints in the ANR, quite the opposite of what happens in the concertation, specifically in the Liberal Party. In his opinion, the PLRA made a mistake “by giving up their space to people with a lot of orphans in their inmates.”

“Today listen to Efrain Alegre or Soledad talk about transparency or legitimacyI think it does not have the slightest clarity or credibility, ”he attacked on the other hand.

Finally, he predicted a victory for the presidential duo that he integrates. “There are many people today who are not affiliated with any political party and did not go to vote in the concertation and they sympathize much more with the candidacy of Santi Peña than that of Efraín Alegre,” he pointed out.

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