Osinergmin supervises gas bottling plants in Arequipa

Osinergmin supervises gas bottling plants in Arequipa

The Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) carries out operating in the packaging plants of gas in Arequipa, due to the complaint of the residents for lack of fuel.

However, Osinergmin cannot intervene in the plants due to shortages, hoarding or price increases, because this is due to supply and demand.

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The lawyer who went to the Llamagas plant in the Cerro Colorado district reported that verify the price that the company published in the And if it matches the sale pricebecause they observed that many plants do not update prices in this application.

He pointed out that the same work is done on the faucets and the Wednesday they visited 17 pregnanciesbecause some did not publish the prices in Facilito and verified that they did not, because they did not have the fuel in stock, mostly vehicular gas.


The residents who did not buy the 10-kilo gas yesterday spent the night outside the plant and have not yet been treated. The administrators informed that they will attend from noon.

Furthermore, there is only 200 balls in stock, which are insufficient for the existing demand.

To this is added that the price of the ball increased to 50 soleswhen until yesterday it was sold at 45 soles.

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