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Iturralde accused the FA of misinforming with data on child poverty

The president of the National Party board of directors, Pablo Iturralde, accused the Broad Front (FA) of “misinforming” with data on child poverty.

“Child poverty data is misinformed. They ignore a duplication of transfers to vulnerable households, a drop in unemployment from 10.5 to 7.7, ”the nationalist leader wrote on his Twitter account. “Cuckoo of sensitivity and end of social policies fell with facts”, he added.

“Results in times of pandemic and lowering the fiscal deficit, @Frente_Amplio,” he concluded. The tweet included a graph where you can see the data regarding “poverty by age groups, 2015-2021.”

Iturralde’s comments took place after this Friday the president of the FA, Fernando Pereira, assured that child poverty “increased in all age groups, regardless of what the economy minister Azucena Arbeleche wants to say.”

“We are willing to place our main technicians, men and women, to work on the issue of safety and childhood, childhood and adolescence,” he added.

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