Itaipu refuses to disclose expenses

Itaipu refuses to disclose expenses

The deputies Kattya González (PEN) and Édgar Acosta (PLRA), announced that they will present a constitutional amparo against the Itaipu binational company today, Monday. This, after the company refused to reveal details about the hiring of external legal advisors for US$400,000.

The request was made in January 2021, the answer came a year later. However, it was not what the legislators expected.
“They allege that they are not going to provide us with the millionaire contracts signed. Because it is supposedly an entity that is exempt from the public information law. In other words, all the information only belongs to them and not to the Paraguayan people,” González said on his social networks last Thursday.

Due to this situation, the legislators will resort to a constitutional protection, to achieve the delivery of the requested reports. They requested the support of citizens as a means of pressure so that Itaipu ends up delivering the reports.

“They have a dozen lawyers, what they do is hire external advisors for unknown amounts. It must be much more than US$400,000, which is why they refuse to reveal it. What the Itaipu authorities say is that they are a State within another State”, questioned González.

Finally, he questioned that this shows that the negotiations for the revision of the Itaipu treaty will not be favorable for the Paraguayan people. Taking into account that there is little transparency in millionaire and unnecessary expenses.

Cecilia Vuyk, political scientist and expert in energy issues, questioned that the arbitrary and uncontrolled wastage of money from working families through Itaipu is something that continues unpunished.

“This must stop now, putting an end to the shielding of the binational and managing Itaipu in a sovereign manner from the people, with its management and budget on the Paraguayan side incorporated into the State,” he urged.

Immediately afterwards, he reported that the binational will also pay US$ 1,445 million this 2022 for the corrupt debt that has already been fully paid.

“Its illegality was already demonstrated in the report of the Comptroller General of the Republic published last year,” he said.

It is not the first time that Itaipu authorities have been questioned for hiring external lawyers.
At the end of May, the binational contracted the law firm of Daniel Mendonca to present an action of unconstitutionality before the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ). This, after the Comptroller will announce the audit of the socio-environmental and works funds.

What is striking is that Itaipu has a legal address. The incumbent in office is Magnolia Mendoza, wife of Senator Silvio “Beto” Ovelar. It receives about G. 100 million per month. However, the binational must resort to other professionals to present an action of unconstitutionality.

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