Itabo is incorporated into the National Electric System

Itabo is incorporated into the National Electric System

The Electricity Generating Company Itabo reported this Thursday that the flow of marine macroalgae that affected its units Itabo I and Itabo II has been controlled, for which the two plants re-entered the Electric system National Interconnected (SENI) and are fully loaded.

According to the statement, company technicians carried out an extensive cleaning day of fixed and mobile bars, with the support of mechanical equipment, managing to remove a total of 33.28 tons of so-called sargassum until May 17.

This information was offered by the company at a time when various sectors at the national level are raising their voices to denounce the long batches of blackouts to which they are subjected day after day.

Sectors from several municipalities in the northern region of the country recently protested by burning tires due to the prolonged and continuous blackouts that have been registered.

Among the towns where protests were staged are Moca, Montecristi, Salcedo and Santiago, where they denounced power cuts that exceed eight hours.

In addition, residents of Villa Mella in North Santo Domingo, and other sectors of the eastern part of the country have also reported interruptions in the electricity service.


According to environmental studies, the flow of sargassum occurs for several reasons, including: the increase in nutrients in the sea, climate change and meteorological and oceanographic variations.

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