An island with a port and a bridge to the promenade: the private project approved by the government

The Executive Power approved a project that wants to create an island of 36 hectares 450 meters from the Punta Gorda promenade with a marina for 300 boats and 36 real estate lotsaccording to decree 831 of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP) signed by the president, Luis Lacalle Pou, on May 9, according to Search.

Sources from the Ministry of Transportation informed The Observer that it would be a “totally private” investment that would be around US$ 2,000 million.

The project is called MVD 360and is promoted by the company Jirkel SA. They expect their construction to generate 4,500 jobs. The plan includes a extension of three kilometers of the ramblabetween the area of ​​La Mulata and the boulevard of the Carrasco neighborhood, and the construction of a 450 meter bridge that allows to arrive by car to the complex.

The decree maintains that the idea is of “great interest for the Administration” because they understand that “It will contribute to the hierarchization of the city in general and of the Montevideo boulevard in particular, as well as expand the port offer of the city connecting it even more with the region”.

The idea was presented to the MTOP at the end of last yearand the authorities analyzed it as a project “interesting” and “innovative”, indicated sources of the portfolio. On March 17, the portfolio passed the project to the Presidency.

After the decree, the economic feasibility studies of the work began, which the Jirkel company intends to cede 54% to the National Ports Administration (ANP), they detailed to Search from the communication agency Quatromanos, which works with the corporation.

To date, it has not been evaluated environmental impact of the project with the Ministry of the Environment, and neither was the formal documentation before the Municipality of Montevideo.

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