"It wasn't a madman they killed," says David's friend

“It wasn’t a madman they killed,” says David’s friend

David of the Saints He worked in a call center because he spoke two languages ​​and from whose salary he paid for his studies to graduate as a Physical Education teacher at the Evangelical University, a title he achieved “with honors.”

This was stated by his friend Lerian Alberto Contreras, who had known David for nine years and revealed that the now-deceased always told him that he would not leave the neighborhood without first building his mother’s house.

“He built this house for his mother, it was the only thing that gave him life, to fulfill that dream,” he lamented.

De los Santos died last Sunday, according to the death certificate, due to a “homicide” and a “severe blunt head trauma” at the Darío Contreras hospital, the center where he was transferred from the Naco detachment.

His friend explained to the media that De los Santos was arrested because he “interacted with a woman” who “felt threatened” in a plaza.

He clarified that “he did not attack anyone” and that is why he understands that what happened in the square does not justify that they have killed him.

He insisted that the 24-year-old only lived for his gym, work and college, “that was David’s life.”

“They are changing the narrative to say that he was crazy, he is a recently graduated teacher, 24 years old, he built this house for his mother, it was the only thing he gave him life for, to fulfill that dream. He went to a professor who was killed, graduated with honors, he did not go to a madman, “he said.

Regarding the death, the Police say that the agents on duty of the detachment explained that De los Santos began at dawn to attack himself with the bars and with the cell wall, due to an emotional crisis, which is why he was transferred to a health center.

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