Inflation fell in May and stood at 9.07%: Dane

Inflation fell in May and stood at 9.07%: Dane

According to the most recent report of the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane)in May, annual inflation was 9.07%this represents a decrease compared to last April when the figure stood at 9.23% (the highest in 21 years).

The monthly variation for May was 0.84%, while the variation for the year to date (January-May) was 6.55%.

On the other hand, the director of the Dane, , indicated that in May food and non-alcoholic beverages registered a monthly variation of 1.56% and it was the one that contributed the most to this month’s indicator.

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“In May 2022, the largest contributions to the monthly variation in the twelve divisions of the total CPI were registered in the following subclasses: beef and meat derivatives, electricity, and meals in self-service and table-service establishments”, they highlighted.

The subclasses with the lowest contributions were potatoes, fresh fruits, and bananas.”, he added. “We are already isolating ourselves from a percentage point of monthly inflation,” said the director of Dane.

In this sense, inflation slowed down its rate of growth with a variation of 0.84% ​​which, although it is lower than that of April, “is still positive”.

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On the other hand, the sector of restaurants and hotels registered a monthly variation of 1.18%, this being the second largest monthly variation.

“In May, the largest price increases were registered in the subclasses meals prepared outside the home for immediate consumption 1.36%, meals in table-service and self-service establishments 1.21% and expenses in nightclubs 1.10%”, he highlighted.

“The greatest decrease in price was reported in the subclass of hotel accommodation services, with a figure of -0.26%”, finished.

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