INE report confirms reactivation of the labor market

INE report confirms reactivation of the labor market

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) presented, for the first time, disaggregated information on labor market indicators linked to activity, employment and unemployment, by geographic area, of all departments and by municipality in Montevideo. This modality began in February of this year. Data from the last half of 2021 show that work is being reactivated.

In an interview with Presidential Communication, the director of the INE, Diego Aboal, highlighted that the high level of geographical disaggregation is one of the objectives set for this government period.

He also stated that the sample of the Continuous Household Survey in the labor market modules was tripled and that it was changed to the panel survey, with the purpose of studying the same households for 6 months, which allows reducing errors in the statistics. .

Likewise, the hierarch maintained that the labor market in Uruguay is very diverse. For example, in Montevideo, in municipalities B, C and CH, there are higher employment rates and lower unemployment rates than in other areas. Regarding contributions to social security, he indicated that they are very heterogeneous. In the departments of the northern border, the rates are lower than in those located in the south of the country.

Regarding employment, Aboal said that an improvement was registered in the last semester of 2021, according to the latest survey, from February of this year. “According to the data, it is a labor market that is reactivating,” he said. Levels have returned to pre-pandemic values ​​and the last unemployment rate we have published was 7.3%, he noted. “These are relatively low rates,” he added.

The INE is working on the generation of demographic statistics of companies by department, which implies visualizing those that are born, cease and emerge. The information will be published quarterly throughout the country.

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