India Catalina Awards: 'Leandro Díaz', Best Audience Favorite Production

India Catalina Awards: ‘Leandro Díaz’, Best Audience Favorite Production

The 39th edition of the India Catalina Awards ratified the bioseries ‘Leandro Diaz’from Canal RCN, as one of the most loved productions by the public in the last year.

‘Leandro Diaz’ was nominated for the highest award, Best Long-Term Fictionwhich rewards series with more than 30 episodes, and although it did not win it, it did win the statuette that recognizes the reception of viewers: Best Audience Favorite Production.

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and even though Silvestre Dangond He did not win the Best Leading Actor award, he did win the Breakthrough Actor of the year, thus confirming that he is one of the most versatile artists in Colombia. This thanks to his heartfelt interpretation of the composer and Vallenato legend Leandro Díaz, known as The eyes of the soul.

To these awards are added those received by the actors Mario Espitía and Abel Villa. The first, for his role as Arturo Díaz, won Best Favorite Talent from the Public; and Abel was recognized as Best Children’s Talent, for having embodied the childhood of Leandro Diaz.

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Leandro Díaz and the keys to his success

This biographical series is based on the novel ‘Leandro’From the writer Alonso Sanchez Bauteauthor of other great works such as ‘To hell with the damn spring’ (2002) and ‘deliver us from good‘ (2008).

The work of Sánchez Baute was key to building a solid story around the life of Leandro Díaz.

The bioseries was directed by Juan Carlos Mazo and Víctor Cantillo, and was written by the experienced Rafael Noguera, Cecilia Percy and Juan Sebastián Granados.

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‘Leandro Diaz’ It was released on September 19, 2022 and immediately connected with viewers, who every night, from Monday to Friday, followed the 82 episodes without fail.

One must also take into account the wisdom of having had Silvestre Dangond with the leading role, since the vallenato singer was able to live as his own the stories of Leandro Diaz.

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