Increased amount for the Government's Easter royalty in 2022

Increased amount for the Government’s Easter royalty in 2022

For this 2022, the payment of the Easter regalia o salary number 13 of the public sector had a increase approximately 4,263 million pesosgoing from 21,070 million paid in the 2021 budgetary exercise to 25,333 million in this 2022, confirmed yesterday the National Treasury.

During a meeting with representatives of the press, the entity’s director, Luis Delgado, argued that the 20% increase in the payment of the Christmas salary does not correspond to an increase in the public payroll, but rather the professionals who provide services in various institutions appear under double payroll.

In this sense, Delgado indicated that it is about doctors, teachers Y military that, due to the nature of their profession, they can work for several government entities and said entities carry out their payroll relationship individually.

“They serve in several hospitalsin the case of doctorsand each hospital registers them on its payroll, which is why here we see it as one more salary,” he commented.

When asked if the amount of public servers increased during the current year, declared that government jobs have a different dynamic and the Treasury is not the one that handles these issues. “I don’t handle that data,” said the national treasurer.

The official specified that each ministry and decentralized entities detail the composition of their payroll and that the entity in charge of collecting these data is the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP).

payroll increase

In early November of this year, Free Daily published a note about the payroll of the public sector, which raised 14% between August 2021 and August 2022, according to statistics published by the Social Security Treasury (TSS).

Until August 2021, the payroll had 630,727 employees and by August 2022 -when the payroll count was updated- it had escalated to 721,448for a difference of 90,721 or what is equal to an increase of 14%.

The topic had already generated concern for some economists who cited as worrisome an increase in the number of public servants at a time when the country will reach a year pre-election which entails costs at the national level.

more than 90% of government jobs are in service areas, performing some work in public administration agencies, whose statistics reached 660,638 contributors for an increase of 15% and absolute of 87,019 employees.

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Royalty disbursement

The Treasury had announced the start of the payment of the royalty Easter or salary 13 to public servants, pensioners, military and employees of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo since December 5.

Government entities had until yesterday paid a 75% of the total budgeted for the payment of the double salary. The missing proportion will be delivered in the coming days of this week, Delgado reported.

“To date, they have already been paid 18,880 million of pesos for salary 13 and we hope that in the next few days the flow will continue in the other institutions, “said the official.

He explained that the payment of salary special entails a strategic process that each institution must complete, therefore compliance with the 100% of payments to public sector employees over the course of the week.

Dominican journalist specializing in economics and finance, graduated from the Dominican O&M University.

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