All ready for "Museums at Night".

All ready for “Museums at Night”.

Wainstein was interviewed on the radio program “Panorama 1410” which is broadcast Monday through Friday on Radio La R 1410 AM between 10 a.m. and 12 noon.

About “Museums at Night,” Weinstein says “like every year, I hope it’s a party. The museums are filled with people and there is a different show in each one”

“In this 2022, the oldest is the Natural History Museum, which is 184 years old.

There are at least 110 museums in the country that are involved in Museums at Night and other cultural activities. In addition, specifically in Ciudad Vieja, gastronomic entrepreneurs are going to come together and offer a specific circuit, all starting at 7:00 p.m. with free admission, ”he commented.

Wainstein participated yesterday in the nomination of the Educational Center of the Home “La Casona” in Ismael Cortinas (Flores) as a National Cultural Center.

He explained that “the project of the National Cultural Centers involves identifying, together with departmental governments, interesting places, patrimonial, and buildings that have something special. Many are already working and we are committing to a support program, a schedule of shows. The themed library is right to create a special place for people, a place where they want to hang out.”

The National Director of Culture also stated that she hopes that at the end of this government at least 54 centers will be open. These are handled differently as they are individual.

Regarding 2023, the hierarch pointed out that after the pandemic, a greater link between the arts is expected to be able to share new and better activities in the coming year.

Below you can listen to the interview with the National Director of Culture, Mariana Wainstein

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