In six months, Paraguay exported 165,000 tons of meat

According to the National Animal Quality and Health Service (Senacsa), our country exported 165,000 tons of beef in the first half of 2022.

A total of 164,994,579.94 kilos of Paraguayan meat were sent abroad, for 877,047,423 dollars, according to the Senacsa report.

Chile heads the list of destinations, with more than 68,035,496.38 kilos, followed by Russia with 26,059,657.56 kilos and Brazil with 22,718,605.95 kilos.

The payroll continues with the Republic of China (Taiwan) with 20,097,143.80 kilos, Israel with 9,537,927.44 kilos and Uruguay with 3,751,930.98 kilos.

In six months, Paraguay exported 165,000 tons of meat

This is the Senacsa report.

Regarding bovine offal, the export reached e27,231,046.88 kilos for an approximate value of 55,491,812.10 dollars.

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