In red rows they propose a “Memorial” for victims of the guerrilla

From the Colorado Partyspecifically the deputy Nibia Reisch, exposed through a bill the creation of a «Memorial».

It would be addressed to the victims of the warfare In our country. In the statement of reasons for the project, it is argued that “The State has recognized the heavy legacy that history left us.” He goes on to express the “recognition of the disappeared as victims. However, it has not recognized those who fell in the line of duty.”

Whether this is in its character “police and military personnel, and civilians who, being present in places where acts of violence were committed by sedition, have seen their lives cut short.” It is noted that “each one has the version of him in the history of that past.” For this reason, reparation measures must be granted.

“That is why we believe that the first step is debate, and then, once the acknowledgment of these victims has been accepted, discuss the project with the Group of Relatives and with the competent authorities, to determine location and financing.”

The purpose of the “Memorial”

It is that it allows “remembering and producing effects in memory”. In this way, “it will reflect on the past and the consequences of such confrontations that must operate through generational changes.” “Society as well as government, creating a collective feeling of wounds and reflection, timeless, so that future generations find their meaning and enrich reality,” he concludes.

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