ILO maintains the delivery of the preliminary report on the IVM Regime of the CSS

The authorities of the Social Security Fund (CSS), met with the technical team of the International Labor Organization (ILO), to reiterate the commitment initially made, related to the delivery of the preliminary report on the Disability Program Regime, Old Age and Death (IVM), as reported by Licda. Gina Román, National Director of Planning of the CSS.

Román indicated that since last year, once the IVM Thematic Table, in the National Dialogue for the CSS, made the decision to request the intervention of the ILO, to achieve a broad and independent vision on the issue of funds of pensions, a request that was accepted by the Plenary Dialogue Table and the National Government, a continuous work schedule was established, so that this Organization could prepare a report that complied with the indicated requirements. To this end, the CSS has delivered all the requested information in a timely manner.

The virtual meeting was convened by the Deputy Director General of the CSS, Mgter. Edwin Rodríguez, and the Secretary General, Edwin Salamín, the National Director of Planning, Gina Román, and part of the institution’s technical team also participated.

Ms. Román stressed that, once the aforementioned report is delivered, the results of which will be presented by the ILO technical team, the demands of the commissioners will have been met, and the IVM Table of the National Dialogue will be reopened by the CSS, with a view to achieving concrete solutions that benefit the population.

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