Captured threatens investigators of the Pecci case

Captured threatens investigators of the Pecci case

The guarantee control judge initially carried out the verification of the legality of the search and search of the properties where the captured persons were found. Later, they continued with the hearing to legalize the arrest of four Colombians, including a woman, and a Venezuelan citizen.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, these people shared functions to assassinate Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, who was followed from the same hotel where he was staying with his wife in Cartagena on their honeymoon. This Monday at 8:30 the five detainees for the crime of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci will have their hearings for charges and security measures, data from the radio station 1000 am.

“Wendel Scott Carrillo, from Venezuela, who acted as a hitman in this case. Another arrest warrant against Enderson Adrián Arrieta Sabaleta, who acted as a logistician transporting and mobilizing the assassins. Marisol Londoño Bedoya, who monitored and located the victim inside the hotel where she was staying.

Cristian Camilo Monsalve Londoño, who also carried out monitoring and location of the victim and another arrest warrant against Francisco Luis Correa Galeano, who served as articulator and financier to carry out this murder, “they report.

The guarantee control judge denounced that one of those captured threatened to kill the officials who were part of the hearing.

“This office wants to leave a record within the proceedings and it is that one of the defendants has made threatening statements against the officials who celebrate this action.

Precisely, inviting that possibility of finding anywhere in the Republic of Colombia in order to kill. I leave the respective record so that the Police officials take the pertinent measures in order to guarantee the safety of the officials who carry out this action, ”he said.

In the hearing that ended at dawn, the judge determined that the captures were legal in the midst of the crimes that the Prosecutor’s Office hopes to charge them with aggravated homicide in a heterogeneous contest with trafficking, manufacturing and carrying firearms.

The Prosecutor’s Office also revealed that in the raids in which the five involved were arrested, six million pesos in cash, weapons, cameras and cell phones were found.

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