IDAC will not allow violation of civil aviation regulations in the DR

IDAC will not allow violation of civil aviation regulations in the DR

The interim director of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), Héctor Porcella, assured that this institution will not allow the laws of civil Aviation in the country, for which it has instructed all its inspectors.

“We are firm that all our inspectors have to carry out a rigorous inspection of each airline, of each operator that operates in the Dominican Republic,” he assured.

When asked if before that work was not done as required, he replied: “Well, we are responsible now,” and in that sense he said that as an institution they are guaranteeing that the inspectors have the necessary capacity and preparation to do their work according to the international guidelines.

The official spoke at an act through which that entity announced that it managed to be certified with two ISO compliance and anti-bribery standards as a way of sending a clear and firm signal from the State of being committed to transparency.

Porcella assured that this initiative is part of the guidelines of President Luis Abinader to guarantee transparency and try to reduce the possibilities of bribery that they may exist.

When asked if they had identified bribes in that institution, the official replied: “No, no, no. At IDAC no bribes are being recorded. There is no kind of briberybut it’s always good to get ahead.”

He reiterated that under no circumstances will they allow employees of that institution to incur in this inappropriate practice.

Anti-bribery Management Model

The IDAC presented a Regulatory Compliance and Anti-Bribery Management model, aimed at implementing the necessary controls to prevent and curb administrative corruption and raise efficiency levels in the institution’s corporate and service areas.

In this sense, the entity announced that it was certified with the ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-bribery and ISO 37301: 2021 Compliance standards.

Area operations after COVID-19

The interim director of IDAC revealed that the statistics show an increase in air operations after the fall registered by COVID-19, which he attributed to the effectiveness of the plan designed by the tourism cabinet.

He highlighted that in 2021, 95,155 air operations were registered, equivalent to a recovery of 81.5 percent, compared to the indicators corresponding to the year 2019.

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