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“I had to rebuild my life”: Hard story of the actress Natalia Durán, her years of hospitalization and her father’s sexual abuse

Natalia Durán has been in medical treatment for years and with episodes of depression, she could not return to acting, modeling or presenting. She has spoken of how her acceptance of her own figure has helped her overcome trauma.

Natalia Durán has spent years in medical procedures for health problems, episodes of depression and has decided to share her story, also as a call to respect the body and the appearance of people. She talked about her biological father and the abuse of her that she suffered as a child.

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In a video broadcast on YouTube for an hour, the actress Natalia Durán decided to tell what she has experienced for the last 10 years with her health problems, the diagnosis of cancer, revealed that her biological father sexually abused her, and how today, she has managed to through the spirituality of your being, recover and accept yourself.

The Cali actress had revealed in 2021 that she was undergoing medical examinations.

She confessed that although she did not “take the step”, the idea of ​​ending her life did cross her mind, when she was constantly hospitalized, she could not work, she developed infections; bacteria and different health problems, without a clear diagnosis.

For months he had severe memory problems, “he couldn’t even learn a script.”

The cancer “came back”

After surgeries and other procedures, in July 2021, he said that the doctors informed him that his cancer had metastasized more than they expected.

The remembered ‘Lorena’ from the successful novel ‘La Ley del Corazón’, told her followers details about the evolution of her illness at that time and was positive.

For a few months, he continued with his medical process, which includes treatment for Asia Syndrome. Now, he continues to recover from his last surgery, the most difficult.

He spoke of his father, adoptive

“Mauricio Durán helped me to have a healthy, kinder perspective on masculinity and on life,” he said.

"I had to rebuild my life": Hard story of the actress Natalia Durán, her years of hospitalization and her father's sexual abuse
Natalia Durán spoke tenderly and respectfully about her adoptive father, Mauricio Durán.

He said that he is one of the men he admires the most, and loves the most. “It can be with my son, one of the most important men in my life.”

For her, Mauricio Durán helped her find answers for a “more dignified” life.

And his biological father

Fernando Segura was her biological father, «who abused me in every way; violent, sexual, he abused my mother ».

Durán, 38 years old, revealed that the sexual abuse occurred until she was 13 years old.

His story, like that of entire generations who have experienced abuse in their homes; some have denounced and recounted what happened, others are still going through this tortuous process.

He explained the tragedy that abuse meant for his life, because “it creates this confusion of the protective figure” who is the aggressor, the abuser.

She told this to try to explain that part of the discomfort she had for years with her body and that led her to a serious crisis of depression when she had to remove her breast prostheses, was related to these abuses.

In part, her story is also directed at the narrative of language of ridicule, “of talking about the bodies of girls, of women” in schools, in society.

This is how Natalia Durán spoke:

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