Treasury Direct records R$ 3.1 billion in sales in February

Receivables of up to R$10 account for 69.8% of cases

The Central Bank (BC) updated today (30) the balance sheet of releases of forgotten values ​​in financial institutions. Residual balances of up to R$10 accounted for 69.8% of releases to individuals, a small difference from the 69.7% in the survey released two weeks ago.Receivables of up to R$10 account for 69.8% of cases

The balance sheet underwent minor changes because, this week, financial institutions reported new forgotten values ​​to the BC. In all, about 200 thousand account holders who would not have amounts receivable in the initial round will have residual balances.

The total number of individuals with amounts receivable rose from 27.3 million to 27.5 million. As there are cases in which the same CPF has more than one receivable amount, the number of transactions that the Central Bank system can carry out increased from 32.3 million to 32.6 million transactions.

The numbers consider both the amounts withdrawn and those to be redeemed. The total number of individuals with residual balances of up to BRL 1 rose from 13.84 million to 13.96 million, from 42.8% to 42.7% of the total. The amounts between R$ 1 and R$ 10 increased from 8.7 million to 8.85 million cases and, in percentage terms, went from 26.9% to 27.1%. When adding the two ranges, the amount of those who have up to R$ 10 to receive reaches 69.8%.

In the higher ranges, records of amounts between BRL 10,000.01 and BRL 100,000 increased from 36,029 to 36,497, but still correspond to only 0.11% of cases. The cases of individuals with more than R$ 100 thousand forgotten went from 1,318 to 1,370, in percentage terms, the proportion remained at only 0.004% of the total.

Yesterday (29), the director of Relationship, Citizenship and Conduct Supervision at the Central Bank, Maurício Moura, informed that the highest individual amount released so far corresponds to BRL 1.65 millionredeemed by a customer who had forgotten the value in consortium quotas.

The volume refers to the total number of queries in the first phase of the Values ​​Receivable Program. Of the R$ 4 billion provided by the BC, R$ 3.32 billion were released to 27.5 million individuals. The remainder, around R$ 680 million, is destined for companies.


On Monday (28), the BC started a new schedule for scheduling withdrawals. A publicized new recap. Even people who have already withdrawn the money or whose query gave zero value will have to repeat the procedure because financial institutions have updated the data.

The process must be carried out in Values ​​Receivable websitecreated by the Central Bank (BC) to consult and schedule the withdrawal of residual balances.

After the withdrawal request, the financial institution will have up to 12 business days to make the transfer. The expectation is that payments made through Pix occur faster.

To schedule the withdrawal, the user must have a silver or gold account in the Portal Secure identification to access digital public services, the account is available to all Brazilian citizens. Login has three security levels: bronze, for less sensitive services; silver, which allows access to many digital services; and gold, which allows access to all digital services.

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