un concejal le tendió trampa a conductor de InDriver

“I collaborate with you by telling (transit) that you are providing me an InDriver service”: Councilor to driver, it was a trap

In Manizales there is outrage and they point out a councilor for having allegedly set a trap for an ‘illegal transport’ service driver.

In Manizales there is outrage and they point out a councilor for having allegedly set a trap for an ‘illegal transport’ service driver.

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In Manizales there is between indignation with a councilor and a wave of solidarity with a driver, who in his private vehicle through the InDriver digital platform, was transporting, at a checkpoint they immobilized him, and whoever threw him into the water, would be the official.

A video of less than 30 seconds has gone viral and has opened the debate again, on employment, opportunities, the so-called ‘pirate transport’.

a councilman set up an InDriver driver
Don Carlos, the affected driver.

They passed through a checkpoint, and when the traffic and highway policeman stopped Don Carlos’s vehicle, as the driver is called, he asked the passenger to help him.

In these cases, many drivers ask those they drive not to say that they are going as passengers of an Uber, InDriver, WeyCali or any other digital application, so many pretend to be friends, partners, family members.

Moreover, as a strategy, many sit forward.

“Would you help me?”

In the case of Manizales, the passenger (who, according to what the Orange Movement of the Coffee Region denounced, is Councilman Julián Osorio), had sat in the back and would have asked for that route where he knew there were checkpoints.

He himself on his Twitter account a few days ago had complained about those checkpoints at some points due to the strong congestion they form, for this reason, he would have insisted on a certain route to the InDriver driver.

When they asked him not to say that he was on this type of transport, he replied: “Yes, of course, I collaborate by saying that you have been providing me an InDriver service. Here in Manizales the rules are respected », she said.

Meanwhile, the uniformed man immediately requested the documents from Don Carlos. The vehicle ended up immobilized and with a pecuniary penalty.

The driver did not answer anything to the ‘passenger’, who would have set the trap for him.


Given the whole situation, and that providing this service was the only source of income for the driver, citizens, entrepreneurs have come together to help him.

Already a Vaki was openedto collect the resources and be able to pay the penalties and remove the vehicle from transit.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned councilor has not spoken so far.

This was the video of the ‘trap’:

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